Microsoft Advertising Announces July Product Releases & Updates

Microsoft Advertising Announces July Product Releases & Updates

Today, Microsoft Advertising announced its July product releases and updates. Here’s what advertisers need to know!

Marketing with Purpose Starts Here…

MJ DePalma, director of Inclusive marketing at Microsoft Advertising, walks us through why starting with purpose can lead to your greatest business success.

As people’s demands of brands are clearer and bolder, Marketing with Purpose is the difference between gaining a customer for a day and gaining fans for life.

Visit the Marketing with Purpose homepage to get data and insights from consumer research studies on trust and inclusion:

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There’s a lot HappenBing at Microsoft Advertising Breaking Down Updates & Announcements

There’s a lot HappenBing at Microsoft Advertising Breaking Down Updates & Announcements

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This week on Marketing O’Clock, Microsoft Advertising has a slew of updates for us, including data exclusions, new custom combination targeting, and conversion tracking changes. Plus, a new article says Google is losing control, and we have an update that will be music to the ears of YouTube creators everywhere.
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Must Read Marketing Article of the Week – 55:31
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Microsoft Ads reporting is finally here! | Weekly update | Nov 17, 2022

In this week’s update, our Platform Implementation Manager, Haley Babich, shares three important updates made to the Vendasta platform:

✅ Fixes to our Social Marketing tool
�� Sneak-peek enhancements to Listing Builder
�� Addition of Microsoft Ads to Advertising Intelligence (featuring a funky dance from our developer, Luke Neller)

See all the cool and exciting updates that we’re making to our platform on a weekly basis to help you run your business easier here:

��Find out more about helping your clients with their online listings with Vendasta: Local Business Listings software and services | Vendasta

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Microsoft Advertiser Gains Automatic Updates For Shopping Campaigns, Auto Generated Remarked Lists,

Our top story today:

Microsoft announced several new features for the platform’s advertising service. Microsoft Advertising will encompass auto-updates for Shopping Campaigns, which the software will enable from July 10. Other features in line for the upcoming launch are auto-generated Remarketing Lists and more eligible Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags.

The Shopping Campaigns will see two new automatic updates:
Automated Coupons, Automatic Product Update. This automatic feature provides a new means of driving incremental sales and growing conversions built directly into Microsoft Edge.

Read the full article on Adcore’s blog:

Now for other industry-related news:
The Global Digital Out-of-home Advertising Market Size is Expected to Reach $14.3 Billion by 2028:
Google Tests Large Images In Search Ads Again:

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