Google Marketing Live Announcements & More Digital Marketing News

Google Marketing Live Announcements & More Digital Marketing News

Get all the news from Google Marketing Live 2021! Plus, Microsoft launches cross-platform campaigns and Google announces the June 2021 Core Update.

Google Ads updates and announcements | DMI TeamTalk | Digital Marketing Institute

In our next DMI TeamTalk, we look at the most important developments from Google in 2021. Join us as we look at recent changes to Google Search Ads that you need to know including new targeting and ad content options.

We look at what update Google has for us regarding the rollout of its new cookie tracking policy. We also recap the Google Marketing Live event and the most important consumer behavior data released.

This is a must-watch!

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How the Google Marketing Live 2023 announcements can impact advertisers | PPC Town Hall 76

From new generative AI features for Google Ads, Performance Max, and Product Studio, to simplifying campaign creation, and enhancing ad relevance, there were some big announcements at Google Marketing Live 2023.

This time I’ll be joined by a panel of PPC experts: Navah Hopkins, Cory Henke, and Mike Ryan. And we’re going to be sharing our reactions and insights about what those announcements would mean to advertisers and businesses.

In this episode, we’re going to:
– Look back at all the GML 2023 updates 
– Help you figure out the adjustments you can make to grow your business and
– Answer your questions

Our speakers:
– Navah Hopkins, Optmyzr
– Cory Henke, Variable Media
– Mike Ryan, Smarter Ecommerce

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Google Marketing Live 2022: What is New

Google Marketing Live 2022 came out with some interesting updates. In this video, join John Lincoln, SEO expert as he watches Google Marketing Live 2022 and discusses the updates and the context of these changes.

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