Google Combines Custom Affinity and Custom Intent Into Custom Audiences

Google Combines Custom Affinity and Custom Intent Into Custom Audiences

Google has combined their custom affinity and custom custom intent audiences. Here is where previously-made audiences, and where to make new ones.

Google Ads Custom Intent Audiences – How To Create Custom Intent Audiences And Use Them

Learn about Google Ads Custom Intent Audiences – How To Create Custom Intent Audiences And Use Them. Custom Intent Audiences are new and they might change after this video, but we talk about how to create Custom Intent audiences in Audience manager.

Custom Intent audiences will give you the ability to create your own audiences, so you are not limited to the predefined audiences in Google Ads. You can target and reach potential customers that are most likely to be research and potentially buying your product or service. Imagine you are trying to sell a piece of social media software, you might not have the best In-Market audiences to choose from, you so might enter a lot of competitor URLs to get people to buy your product instead of one of your competitors.

You can use Intent audiences:

For Google Display Network Campaigns: Custom intent, In-market: What they are actively researching or planning.

For Video Campaigns: Custom intent, Life events, In-market: What they are actively researching or planning.

Custom intent: Display

You can define and reach the best possible audience with your Google Display campaigns. You can use auto-created Intent Audiences that Google will automatically create based on your website and campaign. You can also define your own audience by entering In-Market keywords, URLs, and apps that your target customer would be using or researching before buying one of your products.

Note: For now, auto-created audiences are available in English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, and Italian. Check back for updates, as new languages will be added over time.

Custom intent: YouTube campaigns

You can use custom intent audiences for YouTube campaigns by selecting up to 50 of the keywords that your ideal audience would be most likely to use as they are researching. You can take the keywords directly from a search campaign and use them to create an audience that you can target on YouTube. You want to use targeted keywords and you need to enter enough to have a large audience.

When entering your keywords, you can use the Keyword planner to get suggested bid estimates, see how often keywords are searched, and how keyword search volume changes over time. Learn more about Keyword Planner

Google Ads Affinity Audiences & Custom Affinity Audiences

What are Affinity Audiences and Custom Affinity Audiences? Check out my video about Google Ads Affinity Audiences and Custom Affinity Audiences, how they are used, which advertisers should use them, how to target affinity audiences, and how to create custom affinity audiences.

Affinity Audiences in Google AdWords were created for TV advertisers to reach people

What is an affinity audience?

– Reach users based on their Interests and Habits.
– Good for Advertisers with large budgets that want to drive brand and product awareness.
– Meant for Advertisers to enhance their TV advertising budget.
– Not recommended for driving conversions.
– Custom Affinity audiences are recommended, which can be created in Google Ads Audience Manager.

You can target users across the Google Ads network based on what they’re browsing history and search history says about and their habits and interests. Essentially, you are looking for people who have an affinity towards something in general, like investing, shopping, luxury travel, green living, and more.

How do you get a custom affinity audience?

You can create them yourself directly in Audience Manager or as you build a new Display or Video campaign in Google AdWords.

What is the difference between custom affinity and custom intent?

Custom Intent audiences are more targeted and intended to reach people who are in the buying process or actively researching products and services for sale.

Google Ads Custom Segments Explained For Beginners 2022

Discover everything you need to know about creating Google Ads Custom Segments. They used to be called Custom Intent segments or Custom Affinity segments, but they are now just called Custom Segments. You can create them through Audience Manager or as you are building a new campaign. Custom Segments can be used for Display, Video, and Discovery campaigns.

Google Ads Custom Affinity Audiences | How to Create Custom Affinity Audiences & In-Market Audiences

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Watch this easy-to-follow explanation of how Google Ads custom affinity audiences and in-market audiences work and why you need to set up this feature correctly to help your Google Ads campaigns perform better.

So, what you want to do is to go here from tools into audience manager, then you go into custom audiences and then click on the plus button. So, this is where they’ve changed things around a bit, and they’ve taken out any mention of affinity, as well as the in-market audience, I’m going to make a name of it. It could be anything, let’s say, I want this to be about football shoes or something like that. So, you can name whatever you want and then what you do is you’ve got two options at the top. You select one of them, selecting this. The only thing that is going to change is over here. Add does a Google search term, or when you select the top one, it was going to say, add interest or purchase intentions.

So, what they’ve done is the top one is pretty much that affinity audience as it used to be called before and I’m going to go through in a bit more detail as to what that means because not many people know what it is and the Google Support Cente hasn’t got a lot of information on it and the other one is people who search for any of these terms on Google. Let’s start with this one, what these are. So, this is a long-term interest or a hobby or something you like or love.

So, if you like football, you probably go to footballing websites pretty much on a daily basis or to your website of your team who you support. So, Google picks up all the signals. They know more about ourselves than we know about ourselves! I believe they’ve got over 70 million data points on everyone. So, it’s a huge amount of data they hold on us and they have, and they pretty much know what we are going to do or what we are likely to do.

So, that’s how they pre-empt these ads in front of us and all of a sudden, you think, you know what I was searching for these, or even sometimes it’s weird when you think of a topic. I don’t know. They listen in to a conversation or not through the mobile phone or apps like Facebook, Google, but all of a sudden, those ads start to appear as a remarketing ad.

So, what this means is anyone who has got any interest. So, for myself, I love cricket. I go to these cricketing websites, at least three, four times a day to check the various scores of the matches and the teams. Google knows that I am in that audience of cricket followers or lovers or in the hobbyist cricket, the same could be applied for golf, cooking, driving, motorbikes, or pretty much anything.

And you can be in multiple affinity audiences because it’s not that only like cricket, I also like football, I also like, you know other stuff which Google will then classify me under that audience. Everybody will be under multiple audiences and Google absolutely, knows about us as to what we do, if you are not sure about what this actually means, then you hover the mouse over this question mark bubble, and it says enter keywords describing your ideal customer’s interest or products and services they are actively researching to buy.

Your ads will reach people with those interests or purchase intentions based on your campaign settings, such as marketing objective or bidding strategy. So, they rephrased and reworded this description and I’m not sure why they have done it like this, because if somebody is actively searching to buy, then they should go under the in-market audience.

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