Google Announces New Ads Creative Studio

Google Announces New Ads Creative Studio

Google announced the launch of a new, collaborative ad creation tool. Here's what we know so far!

Google Ads Creative Studio

Google Ads Creative Studio

Google has launched a new creative tool called ‘Ads Creative Studio’. This is designed to bring together multiple creative tools.

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“Google Ads Creative Studio will incorporate Director Mix, Dynamic Display & HTML5 creation tools, Audio Mixer and Dynamic Audio tools and a Project Library. Director Mix is a tool which will allow brands to create video assets at scale.

There will be a library for your assets and for your projects to help streamline creative management. This allows you to have an easy resource of approved assets for everyone to pull from when making creative. Then different teams can collaborate on projects in the project tab.

This tool is designed to improve collaboration, but if you prefer your original tools then those aren’t going away. From Google Ads Creative Studio, you can export your finished ads to Google Ads, Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager 360. ”

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Google Makes ‘Ads Creative Studio’ Tool Available to All Businesses

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Google’s Ads Creative Studio is now open to all business users, enabling them to reach greater creative heights with existing assets. In addition, the new system gives greater creative freedom and opportunities to users who need a little help in those departments.

Google’s Ads Creative Studio was in a beta release several months ago. However, the announcement means the service is now available for all users who need a leg up on generating dynamic and thought-provoking advertisements. Google says users can begin integrating the service with all other platforms once the setup phase is complete.

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NEW! Generative AI coming to Google Ads!

Breaking news: new generative AI features coming soon to Google Ads!
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Google Ads has long been an indispensable tool for any business and we all know about it. But just recently, Google has announced something at Google Marketing Live event – and it will change search ads forever. Let’s review it in detail.

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