Google Ads’ New Cryptocurrency Policies Take Effect

Google Ads' New Cryptocurrency Policies Take Effect

Google Ads' new cryptocurrency policies have officially taken effect. Here's what crypto advertisers need to do to continue advertising!

Can I Run Ads For Forex Training on Google Ads? – Google Ads Tutorial 2023

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NFT God Loses Thousands in Crypto and NFTs to Malware from Google Ad Scam

In this video, we explore the story of an NFT influencer known as “NFT God” who lost thousands of dollars worth of crypto and NFTs after falling victim to a malware scam from a sponsored Google Ad. The individual, who goes by “Alex” on Twitter, thought he was searching for open-source video streaming software when he clicked on the ad, but it turns out the ad contained malware that siphoned funds from his crypto wallet and multiple online accounts. This isn’t the first time the crypto community has dealt with malware in Google Ads and this serves as a cautionary tale for others in the space to be vigilant when clicking on ads. Watch the full video to learn more.


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How to promote your cryptocurrency – crypto marketing strategy

Here are 5 strategies my agency uses to promote crypto and NFT projects.

In this video Thomas talks about:
00:00 Intro
00:29 Crypto influencer marketing
01:15 Grow your Discord community with Telegram promotions
01:51 Hire a social media manager
02:30 Bitcoin ad networks
03:26 PR placements
04:48 Visit our website for more info

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Google Ads Bidding Strategies EXPLAINED for 2023

Setting the correct Bidding Strategy in Google Ads is the MOST IMPORTANT decision to make in your Google Ads campaign.

This is because if you set your Target ROAS (or Target CPA) to high it will limit your traffic & sales and if you set it too low it will reduce your profit margins.

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