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Fat Music Volume 5: Live Fat, Die Young is the fifth compilation album in the "Fat Music" series, Mad Caddies; "Dear James" - Consumed; "Novacain" - Strung Out; "Hearing Aid" - Bracket; "Prognosis: Fuck You" - Frenzal Rhomb; "San Francisco Fat" - NOFX; "Join the Ranks" - Rise Against; "Alison's Disease" - Lagwagon.

Hearing Aid. Original Mix. $ $ Big Pile Of Shit Original Mix · SRB. $ $ The Fat Fuck X-Fly Remix · The Destroyer. $

Or maybe she just needed glasses and hearing aid, but she candidly didn't seem “Eat foot, foot fat, fat fog, fuck the fat, fuck the fog, fed feet, fat flirt, fart fat, puff.