6 Things to Review in Your Google Display Campaigns

6 Things to Review in Your Google Display Campaigns

Make sure your display campaigns are ready for next year. Here's how to ensure your Google Display campaigns are in tip-top shape.

11 Awesome Google Display Ads Strategies

Check out our video where we cover 11 Google Display Network Advertising strategies for 2020 and beyond. We help you learn some Google Display Ads best practices for targeting, creating ads, creating Google Ads Display Advertising campaigns, conversion tracking, monitoring your campaigns using Google Analytics, testing landing pages, using automated smart bidding strategies, using the Display Planner, and more. You can find some helpful URLs below to learn more about Google Display Network Ads Campaigns.

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Google Display Network Targeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jiYeW6ceRo

What is the Google Display Network? What is the GDN? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_ybnH2tJ4c

11 Google Display Ads Strategies for 2019:

1 – Link your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts so you can enable auto-tagging and import conversions

2 – Separate your Google Display Campaigns for different Goals like Leads, Sales, Product and Brand Consideration, and Brand Awareness and Reach

3 – Use Standard Display Campaigns and Gmail Ads campaigns

4 – Use all Display Network Targeting options including Remarketing Audiences, Similar Audiences, Custom Intent Audiences, In-Market Audiences, Affinity Audiences, Demographics Targeting, and Content Targeting.

5 – Use The New Google Display Planner when planning your Google Display Network Advertising campaigns

6 – Use All Google Display Ads Formats including Responsive Display Ads

7 – Use Automated Bidding Strategies like Target CPA and Target ROAS to drive more conversions and conversion value.

8 – Exclude Under-Performing Placements like websites, youtube videos, and apps. Also, bid more aggressively on your top-performing placements.

9 – Test different landing pages to see which landing pages drive you more conversions within your budget. Keep optimizing your landing pages as you go.

10 – Monitor your campaigns by enabling auto-tagging and looking at your campaign results in Google Analytics.

11 – Understand View-Through Conversions and how they impact your Google Display campaigns.

Google Responsive Display Ads: What They Are, The Benefits & Best Practices

Responsive Display Ads are a new addition to the Google Ads platform.

They allow you to upload different assets and Google’s machine learning algorithm will help to determine the best combination of assets for each ad based on its predictions derived from your performance history.

Another huge benefit is Google will automatically adjust the size, appearance and format of the asset. This means your ad will be eligible to show in most, if not all ad inventory sizes, without you having to create and upload lots of different sizes of your banner.

Here, Performance Manager, Charlotte, talks about the differences between Responsive Display Ads compared to regular ads and best practices for using Responsive Display Ads to improve your campaign performance.

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Step-By-Step Google Ads Display Advertising Tutorial – Drive Sales With Google Display Ads

Check out my Google Display Ads tutorial for 2022-2023. I go over how to create Google Display Network ads along with some best practices for creating responsive display ads, how to organize your ad groups, how to target custom segments, how to target Your Data segments, In-Market segments, Similar segments, and more.

With Google Display Advertising, you absolutely need to understand how to target your ads, how to set up conversion tracking, how to bid to maximize conversion with the Target CPA bid strategy, and more. You will learn everything you need to know along with how to actually drive sales with google display ads.

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If you manage a Google Ads account with a lot of keywords and ad groups, bulk uploads are an easy way to manage changes to your campaigns.
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